Five years ago – when it all started at Fri-son.

Time flies : 5 years now.
That was the first “official” time me and my fellows played at the club. There was only one dubstep event before at that place (out to Aline) and me dropping some Skull Disco stuff at some warm ups before that. It has been a long trip, but such a good trip meeting so many artists and musical atmosphere !


Mines of Mixes #17

Here are just some sources of mixes through the web that makes me discover the tunes I loved to play. There are obviously not the only ones, but there are still always making my days ! Like all virtual existence, there are ephemeral and some of them die really quickly like the old site, which provide a big presence for the dubstep scene back in the days.

Rinse FM

The ex-true pirate radio station from London are still pushing the music scene forward with all there djs. Check out the podcast archives.

Boiler Room

Already mention a couple of times, but this is really the show ruling the game at the moment. It’ looks like every dj’s want to be there. Show, because it’s not a radio, it’s not a podcast, it’s not a tv, it’s not a club either. It’s all of them in one piece. Link

BBC Radio 1 to x

Nothing to say for the probably best state driven radio of the world. From Gilles Peterson and Benji B to the Essential Radio shows ! Thank’s every englander for offering us such stations. Link


One still quite hidden source of mixes from differents podcasts or radio stations. Worth to check it for all bass music lovers! Link

Resident Advisor aka RA

A now really reknown website for artists, events calendar and… podcasts ! Definetly not exclusively bass music oriented, but the rest should not be missed. Definetly a treasure of podcasts.

There are of course dozen of other sources like Sub FM archives, the old shool jungle’s oneElectronic Battle Weapons, Sonic Router,… but not enough time to list them (and that’s even not the purpose 😉 ) !

New material from Burial and Swamp81 #16

Burial – Kindred EP

Already acclaimed by many and often reported as the best tracks produced by Burial. It’s not as inovative as the first album, but they might be the finest pieces. Kindred EP keeps the feeling of the previous Burial’s material but I think it contains less chopped sounds and more melodies that brings a somehow cleaner songs with more harmony in them.
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Zed Bias – Stubborn Phase

One of the last Swamp81 records to be dropped. Zed Bias goes on some groovy beats with “nice” vocal and of course, bass. As most of records of the labels, only available on vinyl. Yes, that’s still exist on the 21st century.
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Mickey Pearce

The techno side of Swamp81 strikes back! Loefah is definetly on another planet as the deep 14th underground as he used to be on the first DMZ releases. Some argue that it’s bad. I only take it as a change as anyone as the right to. Naturally, it’s not pleasent to everyone, but this techno do the thing right IMHO.
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