“The 28” mixed by Slass b2b myself

Listen again to the last drum’n’bass mix by Slass and myself.  Some subs along some kicks!


A Mixtape For Billy Ben : Plastic Feeling

Check out he Billy Ben’s page to grab the mix.

It’s a special mix resulting from a collaboration of two sides of an identic but differientiated brain : Kolt’ & Z’ves. Quite eclectic when you look at the tracklist : from Jan Jelinek to Herpes Ö Deluxe via Kode9, Alva Noto, Burial, Mount Kimbie, Phillip Glass, Actress, James Holden, Zomby, Murcof, Tim Hecker, Flying Lotus, Vladislav Delay, Pinch & Shackleton, Floating Points, The Haxan Cloak,…

Don’t forget to check the other mixes of the Mixtape’s Factory and all the pretty work of the graphic designer. ‘Out to Billy Ben !

Unreleased Podcast from Radiö.li : Something Else (Or Not)

Recorded from an Unreleased Session on Radiö.li and dropped as a Unreleased Podcast.
Mixed on Tuesday 21st of February after an oldskool dark drum’n’bass set from Broods. Oh well, I love radio because it allows more flexibility than a set in a club ! Hear Broods’ set on the Unreleased Podcast.

download link


No Think – Sepalcure
Ashtray Wasp – Burial
Pretty Polly – Teebs
Bassquiat – Zomby
Torn And Submerged – Pinch & Shackleton
Sine – Kode9 & The Spaceape
Double Edge – Emika (Pinch remix)
Phonics – Wedge
New Outlook – Distance
Elude – Instinct
Walking Together – Goth-Trad
Teacher – Author
Anti-Grid – Goth-Trad
Sub Zero – D1
Twisup – Loefah (Youngsta & Task remix)
Titan – Illum Sphere
Lump – James Holden

Unreleased Session #04 on Radiö.li

Mixed at the Unreleased Session #04 on radiö.li in April 2011 and then podcasted. Started smoothly and then drifted to a more (uk)-funky like set afterwards. Please, apologize for the mistakes… it was live and I am human-being.
You can hear the rest of the show mixed by Fabe and Great Project on the unreleased podcast.

download link


No Think – Sepalcure
Night Air – Jamie Woon (Deadboy Remix)
K&G Beat – Floating Points
Winamp Melodrama – 2562
Am I – Kode9 & The Spaceape
This Is Hardcore – 2562
Fatherless – Breach
Thomp – Instra:mental
You Tell Me – Boddika
Rift Zone – Instra:mental
Otherman – Kode9 & The Spaceape
The Goose That Got Away – Objekt
IRL – Girl Unit
Footcrab VIP – Addison Groove
Phonics – Wedge
Myth – Kryptic Minds
Xylophobia – Icicle
Mental Universe – Kromestar
Old Hope – Digital Mistykz (Coki)
Manhatten Blues – Cyrus
The Fifth – Kryptic Minds
Black Smoke – Kode9 & The Spaceape, Cha Cha