Acoustic environment. Drum’n’bass til its subjective death and dubstep beyond its overconsumed ideal. Let’s called it (UK) bass (music) for a while. After all, it’s just about feelings (well, I agree I’m specialised in feelings around the sub frequencies and the rhythm).
MKII in the hands. Noise until the death and classical after the life. Medium? Just a common soul trying to share emotions. Ear and reception of sound. But not blind – Godard & Dostoievski. Maybe the Idiot. Now trying to join together spririt and action, as Fritz Lang quote in Metropolis : “The mediator between the head and the hand must be the heart”. And music is a part of that work.


As djing and promoting bass music and other musics around Switzerland, I open this blog to give (hopefully) valuable informations about the music I play, listen & love (via mixes, recommendations and other virtual means). The content is focused on urban beats and particulary on bass music and the surrounding styles such as dubstep, garage, drum’n’bass, skweee or whatever familiar sounds. But to reflect my ears need, it has to go wider to the more experimental music like noise, click and cuts stuff and more. Here it is and here you are.

Note : I am in no way associated with the NRA and I hate guns. I am a pacifist in need of bass. Voilà.

Some References


  • Fri-son (resident since 2007), Fribourg
  • Dachstock, Vorplatz & Cafete @ Reitschule, Bern
  • Coupole, Biel/Bienne
  • Bad Bonn, Düdingen
  • Case-à-chocs / Queen Kong Club, Neuchâtel
  • Zukunft, Zürich
  • Rohstofflager, Zürich
  • Le Bourg, Lausanne
  • Embargo (now know as Cabaret), Zürich
  • Dock18, Zürich
  • Xtra Limmat Haus, Zürich
  • Provitreff, Zürich
  • Nordstern, Basel
  • Gewerbehalle, Luzern
  • Kufa, Lyss
  • ZurMöbelFabrik, Berlin
  • Ebullition, Bulle
  • Loft Club, Lausanne
  • Vinyl Club, Lausanne


  • Radiö.li (resident)
  • Steppas Choice Radio Show, Radio Radius
  • Radio Lora
  • Radio Virus, DRS
  • Radio Fribourg


  • Jungle Street Groove 2010 & 2012, Basel
  • Jungle Rocket Shows, Zürich