Autumn releases #14

It’s been while since no update of the blog. Oh well some priorities in the life has to do with that. Anyway, let’s get back to the important : releases of these last days,… or weeks (at least, important to me 😉 ), in no particular order.

Teebs – Collections 01

Ambient with beats or beats with ambient. You choose, but it’s anyway a fine music to listen at home or in front of a sunset (or just close your eyes, the sunset come then). discogs entry.

Untold – Little Things Like That

Not ambient on that one, just the opposite. There are really groovy moving tracks typically of the “Untold” way : technoid with a big bass. discogs entry.

Goldffinch & Jay Weed – Dirty Bird

There are not many released tracks from both of theses artists. But you’ve better checked them out : lots of groove in it, without being cheesy like many UK Funky things. discogs entry.

Illium Sphere – Titan EP

One of the big 3024 EP IMHO. Especially the track Titan itself, it has something of Flying Lotus mashed up with James Holden, with groove, and with a longer track (really subjective opinion, though 🙂 ). discogs entry.

Martyn – Ghost People

Another huge release of Martyn’s 3024 label. His second album is here and is full of music all the electronic genres, or quite. It is really different from the older works from Martyn, and still good electronic music. discogs entry.

The Haxan Cloak

Really diffent sounds on that one. Across experimental, organic, ambient, classic music. So yes, across many genres, but not like many bad results in the “trying to mix the genre together but it’s a miss”, here is a fine and interesting result. discogs entry.

Pinch & Shackleton

I guess there is nothing to say : first duo of these two major artists of the dubstep genre could have only brought something (at least) interesting. The result is a brillant album with lots of fresh feelings in it. discogs entry.

Floating Points – Shadows

Deep and groovy. It could have been known as IDM (in a positive definition 😉 ), but it’s probablly way too deep and… intellectual to get this label. Brillant as well. discogs entry.


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