Tribute to Swamp 81 #13

Loefah’s Swamp 81 might be the label of the year for many people. It is for me, at least. Drifting from his originial deep sound’s from the DMZ released to a more housy technoïd vibes, Loefah is still on the edge of the new releases. Supporting artists like Boddika aka Instra:mental, Addison Groove aka Headhunter, Joy Orbison (?), Ramadanman Pinch, Kryptic Minds (though this last one is more on the classic deep dubstep thing). Loefah’s show on Rinse are ridiculous and are really a step forward in the bass music area. They represent well where Loefah’s music is going. Last from July even integer a bunch of hip hop tracks (not grime 😉 ). Brillant!

Each release on this label is IMHO a masterpiece. Here as the ones I recommend, but if you can, grab all of them (not to mention the white releases…)

Boddika – 2727

discogs entry

Joy Orbison (?) – Sicko Cell / Knock Knock

Well, is it really Joy Orbison ? Who knows… who cares?

discogs entry

Addison Groove – Footcrab / Dumbsh*t

discogs entry

Pinch – Croydon House

discogs entry

And don’t forget to check all the other releases of the label on discogs. And here the last (14th of July) Rinse FM show from Loefah : Loefah140711.mp3 .



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