Fresh beats, some more recommendations #8

Aslope – A Helping Hand EP

Looks to be one of the first released of Aslope. Quiet beats with bright melodies bringing you on a good mood. This works are flying somewhere between the musical atmoshperes from Mount Kimbie, Burial & Tim Hecker, IMHO. (discogs entry)

James Blake – Klavierwerke EP

The last Ep from the artist who is always on the side of the mainstream of dubstep. This new release is even more away from wobble bass step thing. Piano, voices and noises here brings a good sensation of wellness as well, much quieter as his precedant releases, going the opposite way of the mainstream and thus for good reason. IMHO again. (discogs entry)

Pinch – Croydon House

Pinch is releasing two new tracks. As the title says, they are more house like, but come also clearly from the Croydon style. Surprising, as Croydon is more the home of a halfstep thing. The sound of the underground quarter of London is still really present in the last Pinch’s production. (discogs entry)

Autechre – Move of Ten

Shortly following the Oversteps album, this new release is a must for the autechre fans. Well, like all theirs albums, actually. The inticrated sliced beats are always worth more than one listen and give more and more pleasure on each new listen. (discogs entry)

Vladislav Delay as Sistol – On The Brighter Side (remixes vol. 2)

Who does not know Vladislav Delay until now will keep an eye on him for sure for now on. Using many aliases, he used the Sistol one – not the most famous one – to drop the original of these trakcs. They sound now less ambient than the music of Delay. Logical when we look at who made this remixes. Brilliant. (discogs entry)


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