Download free tracks from Skream, Wiley, Terror Danjah & Rusko. Yes, free tracks! #6

Many producers gave tracks or albums for free during the last weeks. Here is a little review of them. Skream, Wiley, Rusko and now, last but not least, Terror Danjah. All via twitter and they get spread really quickly through the internet via blogs and magazines. But what’s happening? It looks like the new medias are now not only used by artists to directly communicate with fans, but also to spread their works. If this would have been impossible ten years ago, tools like mediafire, sendspace, dropbox makes sharing big files on internet not only possible but also really easy. Artists could have never take this opportunity, but some of them did. One can argue they used that as a marketing tool. Well, may be, but who cares as they deliver tracks for free? Out to them. It just could have been better if they have released them under the creative commons licence, even with restrictions. But well, after all, they are artists, we will not blame them for that!

Skream and the Freeizm vol. 1, 2 & 3

I guess Skream was the first to release a free album with his Freeizm 1. At least, he is the first who attract so many attention. Then everything followed. This guy deserves lots of respect as he could easily keep everything for him and could have just drop his forthcoming album “Out of the Box” and wait for the money. No, he gave 3 Freeizm volumes to the world. Theses releases contains tracks from the “stupid wobble thing which still make jump everyone on the dancefloor” and works much quieter with vocals. All of the freeizm are worth, so do not wait and grab them!

Download Freeizm 1
Download Freeizm 2
Download Freeizm 3

Terror Danjah & his album “Shock to the system”

Mr Danjah who is affiliated to the now legendary label Hyper Dub from Kode9 is just taking part at theses free releasing party. This album – more grime like – is made of 20 tracks with many collaborative works with artists such as Tinnie Tempah, Badness or Wiley to name a few of them.

Download Schock to the system

Rusko and some “Lost Dubs”

This is definitely not my prefered one, to be honest. But as Rusko has quiet a big name in the dubstep scene, I guess many people have interest toward these tracks. Looks like it’s only the first part of a serie. Check his twitter account for the next ones. Called “Lost Dubs”, they are, in my humble opinion, really lost. Here is the link that you can do your own opinion.

Download Lost Dubs vol 1

Wiley, about 180 tracks

Yes, more than 180 tracks released by Wiley to the world. As incredible as it sounds, it’s true! Some tracks may probably have never been released “officialy” as they are certainly not worth. But they are for sure some really good beats and voice in these zips. The download link point to the article by Fact Magazine, as it is much easier than providing 7 links…

Download the 180 tracks


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