Lay down and relax : music to feed your soul #5

Taylor Deupree : Shoals

Released on 12K, this album is on the continuum of Deupree’s works. Some minimal ambient sounds arranged in a way that your soul get quieter and quieter. You’ll soon need to close your eyes and… no, it has nothing to do with hypnosis, but this is the kind of music that calm you down. And not only that: it’s good music, really good music well build and complex, so lay down and enjoy. (discogs entry)

Mark Pritchard : The Hologram

The last EP from Mark Pritchard after his release “Elephant Dub” on Deep Medi Musik is definitely on the boundaries of the dubstep genre. Well many many will say it is not dubstep at all, but if Burial’s music is dubstep, then these tracks could be called dubstep as well. Anyway, it’s not the point to define the concept of a music style (totally pointless IMHO). If you are in need to such quieter music, go on and listen. (discogs entry)

Skream : Freeizm Vol 1

Skream has announced on twitter that he will give some tracks to the world for free, because he is “on a good mood today”! He kindly gave the first part some hours after, so here is the Freeizm Vol. 1. I guess his mood has been widely  shared with such announcement. Big up to Skream! The next parts should be delivered before his upcoming album “Out of the box” gets out, that means before the beginning of August. Three tracks out of four are not for the jump up freaks and are much closer to the “For the heads that remember” of the Skreamizm 5. But, ok,  I have to admit that “Pitfall” is definitely not a music to relax… but you’ll need to after you’ve listen to it! (get the tracks from sendspace)


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