Steppas Choice Mix feat C4TR, May 2010

Mixed at the Steppas Choice Radio Show on the 31st of May. Big up to C4TR for his show again!

download link


Kolt on the start
Flying Lotus – Babble
Samiyam – Return
Flying Lotus – Massage Situation
Deadelus – A bloodworth

C4TR take over
Rusko – Acton dread

Silkie – I sed

Cluekid – 69

Kolt back on decks
Flying Lotus – Zodiac Shit
Rustie – Bad science
Blawan – Fram
Kalbata – Wallabee
Hovatron – Lets get wet
Indigo Synkro – Runes
Seven – Syphon
Kryptic Minds & Youngsta – Cold Blooded
Skream – Slumfunkula
Zenit – Robot (Faust remix)
Headhunter – Collecting butterflies
Dj Madd – Dub Marine
Seven – Dial Up
Benga – EyeTunes
Matt U – Can’t Wake up
Benga – Mini Motor Cross
Benga & Walsh – Biscuit Factory
Joker – Tron (original mix)
Droid – Dubbyrock
Dj Hatcha – Dark Claps
Kabutogani – BEKTOP
Flying Lotus – Rickshaw

C4TR back in your ears
Data ft. Cell – Doors of perception

Benga – The cut
Mj Cole (Nero remix) – Sincere

Kolt on the finish
Alva Noto – Xerrox meta phase


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