Need some mixes? Bunker Podcast and Kode9 mix for Fact #4

The Bunker Podcast

The podcast is really worth to subscribe to. Related to the monthly electronic nights (run by Beyondbooking agency), it features artists like Christian Vogel, Uusitalo (aka Vladislav Delay), Alva Noto, Pangaea, John Tejada, Frank Bretschneider, Shed, Surgeon, Pole and many, many more! This is a must for the ones who likes experimental music, but not too much experimental. Last addition by Jacek Sienkiewicz. (link to the Bunker Podcast page)

Kode9 mix for Fact

Kode9 has just released a mix for the  Fact Magazine. It’s avaiable only for three weeks, so grab it before it’s too late! Beware, this is an mad old skool jungle thing! (get the mix here).


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