Advice #1

New Album from the Flying Lotus: Cosmogramma

Again a smashing album from the already reknown producer from the west coast. His music is much apreciated from many differents scenes, from dubstep to the more experimental stuff (discogs entry).

New Compilation from Mille-Plateaux: Click and Cuts 5

This one will certainly be huge! The long awaited Mille Plateaux resurection is finally on its way. This new compilation featuring Alva Noto, Fennesz and Pan Sonic among many others should be avaiable in every good shop by the end of the week (courtesy of de:bug) (discogs entry).

And finally the last album from Dimlite: Prismic Tops

Looks like Dimlite has just released some good tracks merging beats and more abstract sounds, as always in a really fine way. Digital download was already avaiable, it’s now the time to vinyl lovers to get this album (discogs entry).


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