Steppas Choice Mix, Kolt’ & Slass, November 2009

Mixed at the Steppas Choice Radio Show, from Slass & myself! Big up C4TR for the hosting!

Check the blog entry on the Steppas Choice’s blog.

download link


Doors of perception – Data ft Cell

Superflight – 2562
Taiko Dub – Sp:Mc
Leaves – Data
Generation Dub – Kryptic Minds
Level Nine – Mala
YesNo – 2562
Superflight – 2562
768 – Kryptic Minds

Alabama – Synko & Indigo
Reminissin (Kode 9 refix) – Geiom
Everything We Stand For (Original Mix) – TRG
On the edge – Benga
Could this be – Synko & Indigo
Tempered – Rustie
Hi Tech Soul (Original Mix) – Klic

Lick It – Sukh Knight
Bloodclart – Kromestar
Up In Smoke – Sukh Knight
Digital Simplicity – Hatcha V Lost
Higher – Breakage
Fly Eyes – Distinction
Justice – Jakes
Hell Mary – Kromestar & Hatcha

Big Toon (vocal edit) – HOTS.O.A.P. ft Werd2Jah
California Style (Original Mix) – Noah D, Bablyon System
Dark Passenger – Vesicle
No Sun – Fused Forces
Lion – Original Mix – Sick Rebel

Slass b2b Kolt
Cobra – 16 Bit
Ganja Dub (Original Mix) – Sukh Knight
Bassbin – Kromestar
Spotlight – Gargamel, Slaughter Mob
Digidesign – Joker
Music Makers – Synkro
Trainstation – Broods
T Rox – Grimelock

The Future – Trolley Snatcha


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