A Chrysalis’ Life, Radio Dadio Podcast, June 2009

A mix for the Radio Dadio Podcast. Don’t forget to check out the website of this big crew: Radio Dadio

download link


Kromestar – Weak (Dubstar)
Heny G – Arena 1 (Gangsta Boogie)
Bad Influence – Space Out (Bad Influence Recording)
Kromestar – Galaktic War (Dubstar)
AC23 – Love Her (Formant Recordings)
Kromestar – Poltergeist (Dubstar)
Hatcha and Kromestar – Cibertron (Southside Dubstars)
SP:MC – Trust No Body (Tempa)
Seven – Siren (Tempa)
Satori and Channel 2 – Y All Ready (Positive Thought)
Mala – Lean Forward (DMZ)
Broods – Desert’s Toad (Unreleased)
Siren – Darkness (Aquatic Lab)
Riz MC (Sukh Knight Remix) – Radar (Crosstown Rebels)
Sukh Knight – Trick Of Trade (True Tiger Recordings)
F-One – Swagga (Kromestar Mix) (Dub Thing)
Kromestar – Attenshun (Dubsteppers Recordings)
Horsepower Productions – Kingstep (Tempa)
Broods – RNB3000 (Unreleased)
Kode9 – Black Sun (Hyperdub)
Autechre – Xylin Room (Warp Records)
Tim Hecker and Aidan Becker – Phantom On a Pedestal (Alien8 Recordings)


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